Server Colocation

House Your Servers in Our World-Class Datacenter.
We can provide as much space, power and bandwidth as you need.
Here are our standard monthly prices:

$50 for a 1U server
$75 for a 2U server
$100 for a 3U server
$125 for a 4U server

$225 for quarter rack (10U), 5 amps of power included
$325 for half rack (21U), 10 amps of power included
$475 for full rack (42U), 20 amps of power included

Standard Features:

  • All servers are in our secure datacenter inside locked racks
  • You will receive a keycard to enter the datacenter 24/7 and a key for the rack
  • 1 megabit/second of 95th percentile traffic per customer
  • If your equipment will draw more than the allotted power, we can provide additional power for a monthly fee
  • Static IP’s
  • No setup fees
  • Shared firewall

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